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Nurturing Greatness and Godliness in our Learners


Taraji School started from humble beginnings, with a mother’s quest for quality education for her young daughters. Realizing the value of a great foundation, she decided to tap into her training and calling as a teacher to set up a model boutique school that would fully engage and unlock the potential of our young learners.


Our Vision is to Inspire Greatness and Godliness in our learners.


To be a regional model in providing holistic learning experiences that will stimulate and inspire our learners for future success.

Our Core values

Respect and Integrity

Global Citizenship and Diversity

Excellence and Innovation




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Brookside International Schools

Brookside schools offer students an opportunity to learn through a recognized International (British) Curriculum

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Taraji Afrika Academy

Taraji Schools educate students in the Kenyan Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC)

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Nawirika Foundation

Nawirika Foundation seeks to improve access to affordable, high-quality care for Kenya’s early learners

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Holistic Learning

At Taraji Afrika, we believe in the power of education to transform a child’s life and unlock their potential within and beyond the classroom.

African Grounding

Our schools are proud to instill a strong understanding of Africa’s rich culture in our students to ensure they are grounded in their local environment.

Inclusive Culture

Our schools are open to students of all backgrounds and offer specialized support staff for children with individual learning needs.

Innovative Mindset

We provide our students with an abundance of academic and extracurricular resources to activate their potential and develop a diverse set of skills

Meet The Team

Founder & Director

Ms. Prisca Muyodi

Ms. Prisca Muyodi is a passionate educationist and a champion for holistic education and child development, as evidenced in the ethos of Taraji Afrika and Brookside schools. 

A teacher by profession, Prisca holds a B.Ed degree from Kenyatta University and an MBA from the University of Leeds, UK. Prisca founded the schools 11 years ago, following a stint in multi-national corporations in South Africa, Mauritius, and the UK.

Head Of Academics

Mr. Hiram Mwangi

Hiram leads a team of dedicated teaching staff who implement curriculum and oversees the growth and nurturing of all the children at Montessori House.

He is passionate about equipping young learners with the best skills that will make them stand out in their world and eventually become a center of influence in their world.

He oversees the setting of standards, training of staff, and assessment of all quality standards set within TAE Group. Prior to TAE, Hiram worked at Goodrich group of schools, in Nairobi as the Principal overseeing daily educational and academic activities and their implementation in all their school’s branches within Nairobi. Before then, he was the Head teacher at P.C.E.A Langata School, Nairobi.


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Business Process Manager

Mr. Arnold Wanjala

Arnold has spent the last three years working as both IT support, Transport Manager and Finance Analyst in Taraji Afrika.

He is passionate young man with ambition for excellence and efficiency

He holds a Bachelors in Business information technology. He also has a certification in SPSS

He currently occupies the office of Business Process Manager in Taraji Afrika Educational Group

Head of Inclusion

Mr. Benson Mutiku

Mr. Benson is a successful Special Educator and a special needs education Consultant. 

He has a successful leadership career spanning 20 years of experience in special needs education programs.

He is a great advocate for early identification and intervention for children with delayed developmental milestones and those living with special needs.

Mr. Benson is a firm believer in Inclusion, a renowned coach on vocational training programs, and a trained and registered ASDAN coordinator.

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